Coconut Yogurt Raw Probiotic Energy Bars

These raw oat and carrot bars are a great way to get your family eating probiotic and fibre rich food without knowing it. Stuck together with coconut yogurt, not sugary syrups, they are high in energy, fiber, and free from dairy and refined sugars.  Simple to make and handy for breakfast on the run or lunchbox fillers.

Make your Own Home Orchard Journal

I’m not what you’d call a crafty girl. If I’m totally honest, which maybe I shouldn’t be, I’d say I’ve never seen the point of patch-working and scrap-booking (sorry). I can knit – but my real talent and inclination lie in the garden and the kitchen.

How To Make Nitrate Free Bacon - In Three Days

If you are tired of watery, tasteless store-bought bacon and wary of the nitrates used to preserve it commercially, read on to see how easy it is to make your own. Heather outlines simple steps to do it yourself in three days.

How to make Greek Yogurt and the Best Ever Pastry Recipe

We all love Greek Yogurt, but what is in the store-bought stuff? Heather takes you through how ridiculously easy it is to make your own thick creamy yogurt at home and then passes on a recipe for making pastry from it.

How To Make (Good) Cider At Home

Ever fancied making your own Cider? Ever made it and regretted it? Heather's piece about her meander around Peckham's cidery one crisp Moutere autumn morning, will have you reaching for your basket and apple press.  Alex and Caroline Peckham make medal winning ciders and share their tips for creating your own tasty and well-balanced tipple from just right apples.

Growing A Mushroom Forest

I spent a fascinating afternoon touring farm and business, Neudorf Mushrooms. They planted a forest on their 120-acre property in Upper Moutere over a decade ago, not to grow wood but to grow mushrooms, like the wild ones they had experienced in Switzerland. I thought you'd like to read some of the things I learned and get some of their delicious mushroom recipes. 

The Truth About Baked Beans and a Recipe

Those of you who have been following along for a while will know that we do like a good taste test.  You'll also know that we've been a little preoccupied with growing dried beans these last couple of years and that we have a store cupboard full of them. What to do with them all? 

The Best Ever Lemon Cordial Syrup

If you have lemons, you make lemonade and the best homemade lemonade recipe starts with our concentrated lemon cordial syrup. This recipe is a store cupboard staple and the start of many delicious and soothing drinks. It can make a hot lemon and ginger drink to ease a heavy head cold or add a splash of soda water and ice for a long refreshing summer drink.

The Great Feijoa Taste Off

Which feijoa tastes the best? See the results of our taste-off of different feijoa varieties and learn 10 things you didn't know about the humble feijoa.

How to Preserve Fruit by Bottling

Learn how to preserve fruit by bottling it in preserving jars for use throughout the year. How to prepare the fruit, and how to use 2 part preserving seals and screw band lids.

Homemade Fast Feta Cheese

Make Fast Feta cheese at home. Learn how to turn milk into cheese within 24 hours with this tried and tested recipe for homemade feta cheese.

Quince & Hazelnut Tart

This recipe celebrates the old fashioned quince and freshly harvested hazelnuts in a delicious tart.
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