Would the Real Caesar Salad & Dressing, please stand up?

Join us on a journey to find the best Caesar salad recipe and how to make homemade Caesar dressing and the classic chicken Caesar salad recipe. Tips on growing Romaine lettuces and Vegan Caesar recipe.

Spiced Cherry Semifreddo - Holiday Dessert

This easy make-ahead frozen cherry ice cream dessert is a show stopper and so simple to make.

Proper Old Fashioned Ginger Beer Recipe

Old fashioned ginger beer bugs are something many of us remember from our childhood, and although you can google recipes for making ginger beer that involve yeast, that is not the ginger beer that I remember from mine. Proper ginger beer takes time and makes funny noises as it blips away on the bench.

Make Your Own Potato & Vege Chips At Home

Chips, or crisps as they are sometimes called, are back on the menu. Now that we've grown-up and obtained sophisticated palates we have some very good chippies on offer. But, much as we love them they still best enjoyed in moderation. Being relatively high in salt and fat, fifteen chips is an adult recommended serving. Sounds a little too moderate for me, so here's how to make them yourself with a fraction of the salt and oil. Use them as a cracker alternative with cheese and dips too.

Dry Your Own Kelp Flakes At Home

Seaweed is abundant in minerals and proteins that we need for good health and those goodies are all bundled up in a form that our bodies find easy to absorb. So why are so many of us squeamish when it comes to harvesting and drying it ourselves? Maybe we just need to know how? Read on to find out how simple it is to enjoy some of our ocean's bounty on the dinner table.

Making Clarified Butter or Ghee

Here's a special post for all you butter lovers. Not content with just spreading it on your toast? Clarifying it means you can cook with it too. You've probably heard the term 'Clarified Butter' but what does that mean exactly? Read on to find out how to clarify your own at home in a few simple steps, so you can make everything better with a bit of butter.

The Sex Life of Asparagus

Home-grown asparagus isn't just a crop, it's a relationship. An asparagus bed can last for up to 20 years so it's worthwhile doing a bit of research before you make your bed and have them lay in it. Learn about choosing plants and how best to grow them. 

Sugar Levels in Kids Strawberry Yogurt and Homemade Yogurt Recipe

We like a good rant, and after a chat in the office about what food products annoy us the most, we decided that fruity yogurt in plastic pots and pouches marketed to kids deserved a Country Trading Co. look.

Camembert vs Brie

Is there are a difference between Brie and Camembert? Yes, many. Should you eat the mould? Also yes. These questions and more are answered in this post about the history and the making of two iconic examples of French cheese. Warning: you may develop a serious soft cheese habit after reading this.

Making Mascarpone

Whether you have a sweet or a savoury tooth, chances are you like mascarpone cheese.  Mascarpone is the unsung hero behind some great dishes and the good news is it is easy to make at home. Read on for the simple steps to make your own at the quantity you need and some ideas for using it too

The Best Heirloom Bean Trial and Recipes

The trauma of early attempts at cooking dried beans during her student days led to an aversion that, twenty years later, Heather decided to face head-on by having a go at growing, tasting and generally getting to know some lovely legumes. Several heirloom varieties of dried beans are trialled and there are some delicious recipes too.

The Pudding Club

This is the time of year, when extra layers are needed, that I fondly remember Pudding Club. This is how it worked: we all trawled through old cookbooks, family vaults, and begged our Mums and Nanas for tried and true favourite recipes. I cooked (and ate) so many different puddings that I started looking a bit like one myself. Read on for an explanation of just what a Pudding Club is, plus some tips and a recipe for the perfect Steamed Pudding.
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