Make your Own Home Orchard Journal

I’m not what you’d call a crafty girl. If I’m totally honest, which maybe I shouldn’t be, I’d say I’ve never seen the point of patch-working and scrap-booking (sorry). I can knit – but my real talent and inclination lie in the garden and the kitchen.

How To Make (Good) Cider At Home

Ever fancied making your own Cider? Ever made it and regretted it? Heather's piece about her meander around Peckham's cidery one crisp Moutere autumn morning, will have you reaching for your basket and apple press.  Alex and Caroline Peckham make medal winning ciders and share their tips for creating your own tasty and well-balanced tipple from just right apples.

The Great Feijoa Taste Off

Which feijoa tastes the best? See the results of our taste-off of different feijoa varieties and learn 10 things you didn't know about the humble feijoa.
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