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    Based on 380 reviews
    Organic Cheesecloth

    This will be useful for a number of my projects including fermentation.
    This is really excellent quality and I’m very pleased, thank you very much.

    Creamy soy yoghurt

    I have made yoghurt from the plant starter twice now using the stainless steel yoghurt maker. Both times it has turned out nice and creamy with not too much tang so there’s no need to add any sugar when eating which is a big plus.

    I bought the starter in NZ as couldn’t buy it in Australia so brought it back with me to Australia from NZ and the Border force allowed it in no problem.

    I think getting the temperature just right is the key having also made dairy yoghurt previously so an accurate thermometer is helpful!

    Natural Sea Salt 150gm
    George Benson
    Cheese salt

    Come overnight and very good product. Ship out nex day of order placed. I am very happy and recommend service and product.

    Cute Little Yoghurt Guide

    Absolutely love this little recipe book. Highly recommend :)


    This yoghurt culture came out exactly the texture I wanted! So happy with my purchase, will definitely be using this product again. Added some passionfruit for flavour, so yum !!

    Cheese Cloth

    Excellent Quality. And very prompt delivery. Very Impressed. Thank you.


    Great quality product, have been making do with inferior cloth so really do appreciate this one, will last for quite some time as it is a huge piece!! Thank you:-)

    I add these to cold raw milk and put in the hot water cupboard for 36 to 48 hours, makes the milk digestible, very nice raw yogurt.

    Thick and creamy yogurt starter

    Makes a lovely thick creamy yogurt, just as promised. I've used different kinds of cow's milks, and it kept on delivering.

    I use it with my easy to use Stainless Steel yogurt maker from Country Trading co. (Which I am very satisfied with - it ticks all the boxes, and more.)

    Great service too!

    Probiotic yogurt starter culture

    Makes a lovely yogurt that I'm very pleased with.
    Excellent service too.

    Great wee tray

    I purchased this tray because we have a small oven and this fits nicely. Just the right dimensions and worked great for baking and roasting. Quick delivery to our rural address too.

    easy to use , good result .

    I followed the instructions and had an excellent result , good texture and flavour .
    I increased the time for the yoghurt to ferment because of the weather and the result
    was perfect .

    Really Pleased

    I’m super pleased with how easy it is to make my own dairy free yogurt for my family. We have two lactose intolerant family members who are enjoying my yogurt. I made mine in my old easiyo yogurt maker but it’s a bit fiddly to have to go in after 4 hours and put more hot water in. I’m considering purchasing the stainless steel yogurt maker sold by this website. So far I have made a soymilk batch out of so good essentials which was a bit runny but had a pleasant flavour and a 50/50 coconut milk and soymilk blend which is thicker and creamier. I’m not a fan of a full coconut flavour so I am experimenting with how to get the richness I want, without a strong coconut flavour. Well worth the effort and its a pretty good price. Having to make it yourself is worth the savings vs store bought.

    Great quality and prompt delivery!

    Great prompt delivery, and super excited for my first batch! Awesome quality product. Bought with the plant base starter, highly recommended!

    Great with goat milk!

    Great yoghurt starter, works nice with goat milk, no goaty flavour at all!

    Makes very thick and naturally sweet yogurt, I just add a spoon of jam and crumble cookie bits in for breakfast and it makes me think of whipped cream and luscious desserts. I'm not normally into licking the spoon of unflavoured yogurt but I do this one I think it's a good sign.

    I feel you could drain it for a cream cheese substitute.

    No fuss here

    Easy to navigate website, easy to order goods, came in double quick time. These folks are treading lightly on the planet.

    Stainless Steel oven pans

    Great product - no hard scrubbing of food off the pan, Can put in dishwasher, good sizes, look new after numerous uses.

    Works great with A2 milk!

    I am loving being able to make yoghurt with A2 milk with these sachets. I put it in a glass jar that fits in an Easiyo maker with the water at 45 degrees C and put the whole thing in the hot water cupboard. After 4 hours I take it out of the yoghurt maker and leave the jar on the top of the hot water cylinder and it works really well. It's a bit of a long process to go through to make yoghurt, but thank you for creating this product so that I can increase my diary intake, especially while I'm pregnant :-)

    Spelling Mistake. Profilic instead of Prolific!


    Excellent product; easy to use and provide family with youghurt that contains no unnecessary additives. Wish that i had bought extra jar with initial order.

    Cheese Trier
    Maria Kloppers
    Cheese trier

    A great tool good quality, excellent service🤙🏽

    Plant based starter

    Great directions and customer support. Making yogurt is an interesting process.

    How to Make Blue Cheese
    chris anderson
    Great Book

    Love these books, easy to read and follow, thanks

    Thick and cremy stater

    Make great yogurt recommend