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The best

Actually does dry dishes!

Great Package

Everything you need and beautifully and sustainably packaged.


Great price and just the right size for my small kitchen.

Fermentation Kit

With its heavy glass weights and silicon airlock lids, nothing could be easier to get started with my veggie fermentation. Ohh and the recipe booklet is just enough to tantalise my taste buds. I love this kit!


I Have found that country Trading Co cheese cultures to produce a different taste to other cultures i have used.
My family and friends have noticed change has been for the better.

Excellent product

I am oing to find this item very useful and easy to clean

Lovely, thick & creamy

I just used this to make coconut yoghurt for the first time. The result was delicious, thick and creamy. I used two cans of coconut cream. The yoghurt was quite runny before refrigerating, then thickened up beautifully.

Fast delivery

Very happy with the kit, speedy delivery. Look forward to seeing great results using the glass weights. And very useful having a recipe book to follow.

Very good culture

I already made 2 batches of yoghurt, following instructions and temperatures, the 2 batches were perfect. I used lactose free milk, and yet the yoghurt had the perfect consistency, not too runny, not too thick, and the taste is amazing.

Great product

This is the best yoghurt maker, simple, brillant.
Very easy to use, the result is perfect.

Oak magnetic knife rack

Beautiful magnetic knife rack and good strong magnetic hold.
I highly recommend as I am so happy with mine!🌞

Great first brew!!

I received my yoghurt maker quickly after the online order. Looks great and it’s a really simple to make, easy process to follow. First batch was a success! Looking forward to getting creative and making a lot more coconut yoghurt.

Best yogurt I've had in a while

The process was so much easier than I expected and exactly what we were looking for. The yogurt comes out perfect everytime and I think we'll be ready to experiment with some flavours soon. Surprisingly enough, you can determine the temperature based on bubbles and other observations so making this yogurt is possible even without a thermometer.

Very pleased

The yogurt maker is really nice quality and I enjoyed using it. No issues with it's used. I really enjoyed learning how to identify the water temperature without a thermometer and even the first batch came out really great. I'm very excited to be ableto continue making yogurt at home but be able to customize it more and make it dairy free. I've really been missing having fresh yogurt and I love that we were able to find a daiyfree solution. Would definitely recommend to any else who wants to make dairy free yogurt or anyone that just wants to have more control over ingredients, experiment a little or reduce waste.

Smaller amounts

These lids and the glass weights make it much easier to make smaller amounts.

One jar at a time

These weights are great as I can use smaller jars rather than the crock when I want to make smaller amounts.

Great product

Easy to use and very nice to no longer need to buy batteries. Used when roasting a chicken last week and it turned out perfect so it seems very accurate. Love the plastic free packaging and prompt delivery.

Exactly what we were after!

Good size trays that clean up well after use. Gives us peace of mind to no longer be using our old trays which were flaking black specks onto our food. Wish we'd switched sooner.

Probiotic yoghurt

Second purchase of this product - makes a far nicer yoghurt than commercial ones, I am sold!

Made my mozzarella cheese the other day, used it on pizza following day, great flavour, thanks

Well Done

Thank you Country Trading for putting together such a useful book. Beautiful pictures, simple instructions and lots of information for those new to cheese making. This is a book I would happily recommend to others and also happy with the quick service when purchasing online.

Homemade yogurt

This is a great product. I made delicious thick coconut yoghurt, it was a straight forward process from easy to follow instructions. Making homemade yogurt is so satisfying, I recommend everyone give it a try :)

Great product

I love this dishwash shaker, the soap smells divine and although the suds didn’t last a long time during wash up, the dishes still came up clean and fresh. I will continue to use this product and reduce my plastic use at the same time, thank you country trading :)

Cheese making kit

I already had the yogurt maker kit bought last year and it was absolutely brilliant, the most beautiful yogurt ever and so easy to make, so I bought cheese making kit with the book. Amazing !!!! Clear instructions and wonderful results for cottage cheese.

Stainless yoghurt maker

This is a great investment. My easiyo maker container broke, so was looking for a more sustainable replacement(as I’m sick of plastic)!and came across this. I was skeptical at first but after making my first batch of yoghurt, I’m hooked!…thick and creamy and you choose what goes into your yoghurt…no more plastic yoghurt containers!…my advice for anyone looking to buy one…-go for it!…

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