Make Your Own Potato & Vege Chips At Home

Chips, or crisps as they are sometimes called, are back on the menu. Now that we've grown-up and obtained sophisticated palates we have some very good chippies on offer. But, much as we love them they still best enjoyed in moderation. Being relatively high in salt and fat, fifteen chips is an adult recommended serving. Sounds a little too moderate for me, so here's how to make them yourself with a fraction of the salt and oil. Use them as a cracker alternative with cheese and dips too.

Dry Your Own Kelp Flakes At Home

Seaweed is abundant in minerals and proteins that we need for good health and those goodies are all bundled up in a form that our bodies find easy to absorb. So why are so many of us squeamish when it comes to harvesting and drying it ourselves? Maybe we just need to know how? Read on to find out how simple it is to enjoy some of our ocean's bounty on the dinner table.

Making Clarified Butter or Ghee

Here's a special post for all you butter lovers. Not content with just spreading it on your toast? Clarifying it means you can cook with it too. You've probably heard the term 'Clarified Butter' but what does that mean exactly? Read on to find out how to clarify your own at home in a few simple steps, so you can make everything better with a bit of butter.

How To Make Nitrate Free Bacon - In Three Days

If you are tired of watery, tasteless store-bought bacon and wary of the nitrates used to preserve it commercially, read on to see how easy it is to make your own. Heather outlines simple steps to do it yourself in three days.

How to Preserve Fruit by Bottling

Learn how to preserve fruit by bottling it in preserving jars for use throughout the year. How to prepare the fruit, and how to use 2 part preserving seals and screw band lids.
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