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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Heather P
    Creamy soy yoghurt

    I have made yoghurt from the plant starter twice now using the stainless steel yoghurt maker. Both times it has turned out nice and creamy with not too much tang so there’s no need to add any sugar when eating which is a big plus.

    I bought the starter in NZ as couldn’t buy it in Australia so brought it back with me to Australia from NZ and the Border force allowed it in no problem.

    I think getting the temperature just right is the key having also made dairy yoghurt previously so an accurate thermometer is helpful!

    Really Pleased

    I’m super pleased with how easy it is to make my own dairy free yogurt for my family. We have two lactose intolerant family members who are enjoying my yogurt. I made mine in my old easiyo yogurt maker but it’s a bit fiddly to have to go in after 4 hours and put more hot water in. I’m considering purchasing the stainless steel yogurt maker sold by this website. So far I have made a soymilk batch out of so good essentials which was a bit runny but had a pleasant flavour and a 50/50 coconut milk and soymilk blend which is thicker and creamier. I’m not a fan of a full coconut flavour so I am experimenting with how to get the richness I want, without a strong coconut flavour. Well worth the effort and its a pretty good price. Having to make it yourself is worth the savings vs store bought.

    diane davis
    Plant based starter

    Great directions and customer support. Making yogurt is an interesting process.

    Melanie Gaskin
    Fantastic Product

    Easy to make,yummy to eat,lovely product.

    Avril Stephens
    Deliciously Decadent

    The first attempt at making coconut yoghurt was a real success - firm, creamy and absolutely delicious. Speedy delivery of the product too.