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Vegetable Fermentation Kit - Easy Starter Set for Sauerkraut & More

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Want to make fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kimchi but are a bit unsure? Our vegetable fermentation kit is perfect for those looking to learn to make homemade naturally fermented pickles – safely and cost-effectively.

The Easy Fermentation Starter Kit Contains:

  • 4 Glass Fermentation Weights
  • 4 Airlock Fermentation Lids
  • 4 Stainless Steel Bands
  • 100 pH Strips
  • 42 Page complete colour recipe book

The lids and weights work with a wide range of wide-mouth mason jars. We sell 1-litre and 2-litre jars. Choose your jars and make small to large batches of your favourite fermented pickles.

What recipes are in the kit?

Our fermentation kit recipe book has a list of fermented food recipes for making naturally pickled foods, including:

  • Fiery Fermented Hot Sauce
  • Fermented Mustard
  • Easy Kimchi Recipe and variations
  • Gochujang kimchi sauce
  • Traditional Sauerkraut Recipe
  • Red Cabbage Sauerkraut
  • Carrot and Cauliflower Pickles
  • Fermented green beans
  • Fermented cucumber dill pickles

The Vegetable Fermentation recipe book in the kit also includes a chapter on equipment for fermentation explaining anaerobic fermentation airlock lids, sauerkraut jars as fermentation crocks, and glass fermenting weights.

Fermented foods for gut health like homemade Kimchi and Sauerkraut are good for you. Making Kimchi and Sauerkraut using lactic acid fermentation to ferment cabbage is a simple and natural food preservation technique (and it tastes great, too!).

What Jars do The Fermentation Lids Fit?

There are many types of glass jars used for preserving and food storage.

These fermentation airlock lids fit:

  • wide mouth mason jars which have an 86 mm wide opening
  • brands include Ball, Kilner, AGEE SPECIAL, Bortoli
  • sizes include 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, and 2 litre 

See our range of jars here.

These lids do not fit:

  • regular mouth mason jars which have a smaller opening
  • AGEE Utility and AGEE Improved Utility jars which have a non-standard thread unique to NZ

NOTE: They will fit AGEE Utility jars if you use a green preserving band that fits the AGEE Utility thread.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Lindsay Gutsell
Still waiting.

Sent the incorrect item and still awaiting the correct one.

Really good product

We were so happy with our initial purchase we promply ordered another one...looking forward to exploring its full potential with lots of different ferments..all good so far...prompt service and very fast safe delivery..couldn't ask for more ..thanks so much

Sara Metcalf
Great purchase!!

The kit arrived in excellent time, and am so far having great success with the booklet instructions and the items used to prepare fermented beans and sauerkraut. I am really pleased with this kit.

wayne patterson
jar lids etc

good product

Tracey Coyle
Overcharged by buying this kit from Country Trading on different site. Same store, different price

Be wary of purchasing anything from Country Trading without researching first. They sell on several platforms, the exact same items. I paid $15 more for the exact same item including shipping, when on another platform they offered this price, shown above, and free shipping, and what looks like, their own website as well, same price $59.90. I paid $68.90 plus shipping. Advertised on this review page and elsewhere, at the same time I bought mine, $59.90. When I asked for the same price, shown on their other sites, (not cheaper, not a discount, but the same advertised price), they refused to refund my overpayment. But offered 10% on FURTHER purchase. Like that was going to happen. If they can't be ethical outright. Dont count on keeping this customer. Very disappointed that they can't see how greedy they were being. Lost a future customer anyway.

Thank you for your feedback Tracey. We're sorry you're not happy with the price you paid for the product. We do sell through many different online channels and other stockists too. Each will have it's own pricing structures. If a stockist offers our product at a cheaper price than we do, or includes free shipping, that is their decision and we correctly do not have any influence over this. You are welcome to return the product for a full refund.

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