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The Easy Drain Soap Shaker - Stainless Steel Soap Cage

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We wanted to do the right thing and stop using single-use plastic dishwashing liquid bottles but were frustrated by mushy bars of soap.

So we added a new twist to an old design to keep our dish soap block dry with this self-draining upright soap cage for solid dishwashing bar soap.

Our unique upright soap shaker design:

  • takes up less space on your bench
  • drains freely, drying your dish soap and avoiding mushy soap
  • saves money, making your dish wash bar go further

With this simple stainless steel soap cage for bar dishwashing soap, save money and hit your zero waste goals.

This soap shaker works with your choice of dish soap bar. If bars are too large, they can be easily cut in half. The soap shaker does not include soap.

For use with our triple milled Dish Soap - one bar of our dish soap lasts for up to 60 washes. 

How to Use a Soap Shaker

Use your soap shaker by swishing it briefly in very hot water or pour a kettle of hot water over it to generate your suds. A little goes a long way. However, for best results, don't overdo the soap.

Note: The best dish soap bars will not form as many bubbles as your old plastic bottle of liquid dishwashing soap. That doesn't mean they are less effective at cleaning dishes; they simply don't have the chemicals in them that make all those bubbles (this is a good thing).


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Lisa Jones
Great product, easy swap to go plastic free!

Fantastic. Love the design with the stand to prevent soap going mushy as it airs out between uses. We found this so easy to get used to after ditching plastic bottles of liquid soap.

Ian Wiseman
Cleaning fun

This was my first time using soap for dishes - the shaker made it a lot easier, cleaner and more fun. I also liked that it was so easy to set up and use.

Roger and Karen Curtis
Very happy

Does a great job and very easy to use

Lyn Jury
Back to the future

Love this I can remember using this as a child

Jude T
Bach essential

This nostalgic soap shaker is the second one we've purchased. This latest purchase was a gift for a friend's family bach in a remote area. It's the perfect back-up for when dishwashing supplies have unexpectedly run out and to have in your civil defence toolbox. We like the way the soap shaker can stand and drain/dry between uses.

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