courgette recipes

New Zuccini Recipes - Zuccini Flat Breads

This summer, the garden has been invaded by courgettes. A packet of old seeds that I didn't think would germinate decided to prove me wrong.

courgette recipes

After all the usual baked courgette recipes, courgette fritters, courgette salad and roasted courgette, it was time to ring the changes with this new take on cooking courgettes.

courgette fritters

If you're looking for zuccini dishes and like zuccini fritters or zuccini bread, you'll enjoy this recipe. It has the same novelty value as zuccini noodles, where you try to disguise courgette as pasta.

zuccini fritter recipe

In this recipe, you disguise courgette as a flour tortilla. It is a cross between a zuccini loaf recipe and a zuccini fritters recipe but without the flour.

zuccini wraps

In a novel take on stuffed zuccini, you make a flatbread wrap out of the grated courgette and stuff it full of the fillings of your choice. The baked zuccini breads are crispy and thin and can be frozen for use later.

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