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Probiotic Yogurt Starter Culture - 20 Litres

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Making yogurt at home is a healthy decision and cost-effective. You control the ingredients and remove large plastic yogurt pots from your weekly waste. Eat well, save money and the planet!

Our Twin Pack is even more economical to buy. It has a long shelf life and makes 20 litres of Yogurt.

• 2 x 10 sachets of starter culture - each makes 1 litre of live yogurt
• 4 strains of live yogurt bacteria including probiotics

It makes a tangy flavored plain natural yogurt. One tablespoon of this yogurt contains over 20 billion live probiotics, about the same as 7 probiotic capsules.* 

Culture Cupboard starters are made in NZ in small batches for maximum live culture counts. Customers rave about the difference in results using fresh cultures.
*Based on accredited laboratory testing and comparison with standard 3 billion count capsules.

How to make Yogurt?

We're here to help you make perfect yogurt in your kitchen. 

  1. Follow our 4 easy steps on the back of the box
  2. Watch our videos above on how to make yogurt with this starter
  3. Read our blogs on yogurt making - from temperature to techniques
  4. Email us your questions - we're always happy to help
What Equipment?
  1. A Kitchen Thermometer is essential for making consistent yogurt
  2. A Yogurt Maker. We recommend the Stainless Steel Yogurt Maker  
  3. Cotton Cheesecloth for straining Greek Yogurt. 
What milk to use?

Choose the milk that suits you. We're all different, and this starter culture works with a wide range of dairy milk including:

  • Lactose-Free dairy milk
  • A2 milk
  • Trim and Calci-Trim
  • Blue top - homogenised milk
  • Whole milk and even cream
  • Raw milk, cow, goat, sheep milk
  • It even works with UHT and powdered milk

To make dairy-free yogurts choose our Plant-Based Yogurt Starter

To make mild flavoured dairy yogurts choose our Thick & Creamy Yogurt Starter

  • GMO-free Maltodextrin
  • Streptococcus Thermophilus,
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus,
  • Lactobacillus Delbrueckii Subsp. Bulgaricus
  • Bifidobacterium
Allergens & Storage
  • Allergen: Milk
  • Store in the freezer
  • Shelf life 8-12 months

Because they're made fresh here in NZ, each batch has a long shelf life. When you receive them, store them in the freezer.


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