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    Have a column to fill?  a fact to check? a photo to find? a prop to source? a giveaway to make? a quote to glean?  We're always happy to help with media inquiries. Growing and making food is our thing. We get that the deadline was yesterday. We probably know the answer, and if we don't, we know someone who will, so give us a call.

    We have a photo library with over 12,000 original images of growing and making food; shots like the one above that you won't find in stock libraries. Editors include us in photo calls when they want high quality images that aren't overly styled - i.e. there is dirt on the tools and the fruit isn't tied on the trees.

    If you need some words from folks who knows their stuff, we write columns and feature articles on growing and making food. For a slice of our writing visit the blog or ask for copies of recent features. 

    If you need someone for a radio or TV slot, then pick up the phone. We do regular guest appearances and we've clocked up a lot of hours on the speaking and workshop circuit. 

    Thanks for your interest. Please contact us.