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    What our customers say...

    We think people who grow and make things are the nicest folks around and we should know - we've got nearly 12,000 of you on our mailing list. You email us the most lovely feedback about our products and our service and it makes our day. Below are a few choice quotes from recent customers.

    Boyfriend gave me your soft cheese kit for my birthday and everything I've made has turned out fantastic - better than shop stuff and so easy. Wish I didn't know how easy mascarpone was to make - just as well you've got the low fat ricotta in there too :) Thanks for an awesome product - love the packaging too - no plastic crap - well done..

    by Georgia

    Good afternoon, I have just made two Gouda's from the hard cheese kit that my husband gave me for Christmas and I am addicted! :-) I am keen to make the other cheeses in the kits that you provide.

    by Hannah

    You guys do a great job. From your great customer service, order delivery time, minimal/recyclable packaging to the quality of all of the garlic - everything was top notch. Congratulations, and to your growers also.

    Warm wishes, Anne.